Content Marketing

In digital media, the text and visual language of each platform is different from each other. We design copyrighted content that allows brands to deliver their messages to the target audience in an original, authentic and creative way. We provide art direction and graphic design, photo shooting, video production and SEO friendly copywriting in 10 languages.

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What types of content do we create?

Do you know that The Pantone Color of 2020 is 19-4052 Classic Blue? Or do you know the biggest graphic design and font trends for 2020 and beyond?

Art direction and graphic design trends change each year; and traditional media has a different approach than digital media… The aesthetic approach shifts as our eyes get used to consuming several images, new design inspirations and concepts are introduced commonly and some fonts become so popular that we just need to search for a new vibe that would reflect our brand values better… In art direction and graphic design, while it is important to have a consistent brand image, it is also important to follow the trends and be unique…

Your brands visual language is an integrated part of your branding. At OH!, we help our clients to create the best logo designs, corporate identity design, print material design including brochures, catalogs, posters, advertorials, magazine ads; promotional materials, infographics, banner designs for different sizes, social media post designs, WhatsApp invitations and many more…

Click here to see some of our graphic designs and please contact us via e-mail to see example corporate identity, brand books and play books created by us.

How do you acknowledge if a brand has splendid photos? Easy… Close the brand name and ask your customers… Can they associate your photos with your brand?

Photo shootings are very important for brands to better reflect themselves, create up-to-date content to create emotional connection with their audience and have an authentic visual language on social media.

Brands not only need to create their key visuals to be used for a lifetime, but they also need to create unique, up-to-date visuals to share on their communication channels. 

In social media photography, our aim is to capture alluring photos by using props, angles and color codes. We like following the trends, being genuine and approachable and showing “real-life” moments.

At OH!, we love doing photo shootings… We have a wide network of well-known lifestyle, event, food & beverage, fashion photographers from all around the world. 

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Did you know that people have shorter attention spans than goldfish? It has been discovered that people on average lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

It is always easier to consume video content compared to long narrative texts; and as per the researched people tend to find video content more reliable compared to images… As per our experience, video content converts more, shared more and can be used in different platforms including Youtube… 

Video advertising, the streaming content that plays plays before, during or after streaming content also has great advantages for advertisers. Researches show that people pay longer attention to videos, mobile users tune in longer to video-ads and video ad budgets have increased 25% last year.

At OH!, we create different kinds of videos to promote your business and brand. We shoot product and venue videos, desktop videos, 360 degree videos, Youtube channel and VLOG content, client testimonials…  We use native voice over and authentic music created for your businesses if needed.

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Motion graphics and animated content are usually preferred for explainer videos,  storytelling and videographics. They are an affordable option for small and medium businesses who want to  increase their brand awareness, generate more leads and also reduce the support calls.

It is very important to be ranked upon the top pages during Google searches. It facilitates your target audience to each you, and gives you a competitive advantage. Ranking on the top pages and SEO is based on a variety of factors, and creating SEO friendly content is definitely one of them.

At OH!, we write effective, engaging and converting texts by running the keyword research and plotting out not only the competitive keywords but also the long-tail keywords; doing competitor analysis and reverse audits, and checking latent semantic keywords (LSI Keywords) and delivering the great titles and tags.