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Each person and business is unique, and so does their communication strategy… We help C-levels, business executives, entrepreneurs, small or medium businesses, PR or marketing professionals to better understand digital marketing and use online channels in a more effective way. We do one-to-one consultancy sessions, in addition to team or department trainings.

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OH! helps you with...

  • Personal Branding
  • Executive Influencers: Online Leadership Communications & Online Thought Leadership
  • Personal Training and Coaching in Online Marketing
  • Department Training & Workshops in Online Marketing
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) & Engagement Protocol Creation

Consultancy Services in detail...

What do you want to be known for? What qualities do you want people to associate with you? What is the first thing you want to have pop in their head when they hear your name? 

A personal brand is how you reflect yourself to the other world and create emotional connection with the others… Its your personality, your voice, your interests, your habits everything about you that you want people to know. The information you show to other people, your image should all it within that theme of your personal brand. 

The correct personal branding helps you to improve your career or business, your network and leverage your reputation.  OH! helps entrepreneurs, business people, artists, micro influencers, health professionals to create their own brands, create positive digital foot prints and reach the success they are aiming for.

Today, leadership communications is beyond being an authority and respected figure in traditional media. It includes being an “executive influencer”: Being active in “owned media” channels, having an active audience to talk with, showing vision and true personality, being a “good citizen”, being approachable.

A study by reveals that in 2016, 39% of Fortune 500 CEOs were on any social media platform; whereas this number increased to 54% in 2019. Leadership and online though communications is becoming more important for C-levels, and it should be managed by not only PR experts but also online communication professionals. 

Investors, shareholders, potential employers and competitors actively monitor and evaluate the presence of the business leaders before taking any action. The online reputation management of the company leaders creates added value to the organizations, an also leverages the company reputation and employee branding.

Online leadership communications is also essential for crisis management. Unfortunately, a significant percent of the crises emerge and spread from digital channels. Having a solid online presence and having the power to address specific niches or masses gives you an opportunity to build trust, facilitate the crises management process and prevent any sudden financial loss.

OH!’s Leadership Communications Consultancy is designed exclusively for C-Levels. We work together with your image consultants and PR experts to better reflect you on digital platforms and build up a reputable audience. Our consultancy includes finding your own “social” voice, preparing an online image for you, creating a communications strategy and en effective content mix, managing your online reputation and creating collaborations with prestigious online publishers. Leadership communications are executed with the utmost discretion.

We understand that sometimes it might be confusing to understand the digital marketing terms and acronyms, manage or analyze the agency you just hired or managing the online presence of your small or medium business.

With tailor-made trainings and workshops, we help you to better understand the digital marketing ecosystem and power up your marketing knowledge. We analyze your organization’s or department’s team and marketing execution. Then, we create a roadmap for you to help you better understand marketing and digital media ecosystem and show you the opportunities that might be beneficial for your business. We enrich our training sessions with tha attendance of industry related guests –  influencers, social media content creators,  industry professionals…

We give trainings to a wide array of businesses and teams, including small-medium business owners, PR / communications / marketing departments, human resources executives, guest relations or call centers. Some of our trainings include:

– Introduction to Social Media

– Facebook and Instagram Marketing for Advanced Marketers (with guest industry professionals)

– Youtube Marketing

– LinkedIn Marketing

– Online Product Management and Creating Sales Funnels (with guest industry professionals)

– Introduction to Paid Social

– How To Increase Client Satisfaction Using Online Marketing

– Influencer Marketing (with guest influencers)

– Effective Content Marketing (with guest content creators and Instagram photographers)

– Persuasive Copywriting

Our consultancy services are for:

– C-Levels and Business Executives

– Entrepreneurs

– PR & Marketing & HR Professionals

– Small and Medium Business Owners

– Health Professionals & Doctors

– Artists

– Micro-influencers

We are experienced in business and finance, start-ups and tech, consumer electronics, retail, health, construction, travel and entertainment, gastronomy, life-style and more… Please contact to learn more.

You might have prior digital marketing experience and knowledge – you probably worked with agencies, managed campaigns, you were responsible from social media or your company websites. Despite, this is a rapidly changing industry and we understand that you might need personal coaching to better understand some special topics like paid social, managing your search engine marketing budget effectively or evaluating your agency. We helped numerous marketing professionals, and we would be happy to help you too.

We want to support our colleagues, and we give one-hour complimentary consultancy session  to PR and marketing professionals. Please contact us to learn more.

For discreet and confidential questions and topics, please send an e-mail to