Social Media Management

Social media marketing agencies help brands to set-up their social media channels, and get higher returns from their social media marketing activities. They do this by creating engaging content and product tagging, using paid social ads, designing campaigns, creating influencer collaborations and actively engaging with the audience. 

With social media, brands can target specific goals including brand awareness, getting qualified leads, creating conversions, promoting loyalty or leveraging employee branding.

A social media marketing strategy should focus on all of your goals on social media, and needs to be developed separately for each platform. Instagram marketing is very different than Youtube marketing or LinkedIn marketing. B2C brands or B2B brands can achieve their aims faster if they focus on specific channels, create content and invest ad spent only for them.

At OH!, we always recommend brands to focus on the industry engagement rates and the YoY change, rather than the total follower or fan numbers. 

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Social Media Marketing in detail...

– Optimizing the brand’s social presence – updating descriptions and page set-ups, optimizing images and videos, owning or closing unmanaged accounts.

– SWOT & Strategy creation

– Creating a tone of voice and a visual language for social

– Monthly content calendar preparation 

– Content sharing with optimization for best days and time, hashtags, geo-location

– User interaction (cross selling and up-selling),

– Monthly reports

There is a variety options for Instagram growth, it depends on your industry, your business objectives, the target audience and your content. We might use automation systems, pods, organic growth through effective campaigns and giveaways, influencer and brand collaborations, traffic redirection, viral content, paid social activities as well as technical optimizations.

At OH!, we highly recommend supporting social media marketing with integrated online media plans or paid social plans for sustainable growth. Organic engagement rates are getting lower each day.  Ad models can be used for user acquisition and retention.

Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to connect with your target audience as we can do refined segmentation and businesses can invest any budget. Facebook advertising costs can vary depending on the industry and the geographical location, but on average, the costs of one click is between $0.50 and $2.00. With good ad content and targeting, it is possible to reduce this cost. Actually, the best way to know what your Facebook advertising costs will be is to test your brand, and see how the audience reacts.

Check out Facebook’s official website for businesses, , to learn more on advertising.

– Campaign Goal Decision: What are you aiming for? Awareness, consideration or conversion?

Each objective has unique ad spects and KPI’s. For example, you can collect new client data using Facebook lead ads and integrate this data into your CRM system. Or you can direct mobile users to contact your callcenter using “Call Now” button. You can create campaigns to increase your mobile app download number. 

– Target Audience Segmentation: You can segment your target audience using the data provided to Facebook or Instagram; or you can also use your already existing data.

– Choosing Platforms: Where do you want your ads to be shown? In Facebook, in Instagram, or in the audience network? Where in Instagram you want to show your ads? Maybe in Instagram stories only?

– Budget Allocation: The budget is determined by the business owners. The better your ad is, the lower the costs are.

– Creative Upload: Your ad content – the offer, visuals or videos, the texts determine the quality of your ad. Try using catchy phrases and call to actions.

– Ad approval

– Testing & Optimizing Ad Delivery

– Reporting