Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is an action plan to reach prospective clients and turn them into customers. In today’s world where the user behavior has changed to always-on technologies, the usual costumer journey – awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy model – starts from digital channels and needs to be supported via online at each step. OH! analyzes your marketing objectives and designs the perfect marketing plan to deliver exceptional results by using analytics, technology and creative approach.

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How do we create marketing strategies?

A marketing strategy is a plan to reach a specific goal in a focused and achievable way. When working on marketing plans, our initial step is to do a data gathering and analysis… We learn about you, the competitive landscape, industry metrics and start to formulate ideas. Then we start crafting the strategy – developing a disruptive concept or a storyline that can be adapted to each step of your customer journey.  The strategy, driven by insights, leads us which channels and which content to invest. Digital marketing is iterative. We constantly evaluate and optimize our actions.

A marketing audit is a comprehensive analysis of the practices, strategies, and outcomes of a business’s marketing efforts. It brings us actionable insights, enables us to optimize the team, action and budget. The audit shows us our strengths and weakness.

OH! provides the following audits:

– Marketing Performance

– Website Performance

– SEO Evaluation

– Social Media Performance

Businesses and consumers are always-on and they are real-time searching not only with texts but also with voice, or sharing their experiences with micro-moments. Your consumers are mobile and this present you the opportunity to maximize your revenues by giving you real-time data and insights on your consumers’ behavior.

At OH!, we follow marketing and growth trends closely; and implement key tactical actions to your roadmap to maximize your investment.

Not only we are focused in B2C marketing, but we also have outstanding success rates in B2B marketing. We use a mix of different techniques including brand management and story telling, content marketing, PPC management, social media, website design, e-mail marketing, creative campaigns, video production and influencer engagement to maximize your success.

We create marketing plans based on data. We regularly monitor our plans and learning, and optimize our actions.