How Can You Increase Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings with Facebook?

Your hotel’s Facebook page is a digital lobby where guests are invited in to check what’s inside, react to what they see and talk about their experience simultaneously. Facebook, a catalyst for the travel industry, enables hotels to reach travelers at every stage of their journey in real-time and at scale. As Facebook becomes a bridge between content and distribution, Facebook advertising is a great opportunity for hotels to connect with prospect guests and strengthen loyalty with the existing ones.

Here is a guide for your hotel to drive direct bookings via Facebook:


Visual Merchandising for Facebook
Your Hotel’s Facebook page needs to be visually compelling, and should convey your hotel’s story and your brand.

  • Page Set-up: Ensure that you have identified industry-specific category, your page has a vanity URL and your URL – name – address – phone (UNAP) is consistent. Use call-to-action buttons.
  • Choose a profile and cover photo that represent your hotel and make it easy to identify. Describe your hotel and its story in the “About” section highlighting your property’s unique selling points with relevant keywords of focus.
  • Showcase your hotel’s features with rich media to differentiate form the competition set –360 photos & videos, virtual tours, interactive floor plans…

Reach Guests
Connect with people who might be interested in your hotel or who already know your property.

  • Connect with prospect guests using Facebook ads. Tell your hotel’s story using video ads, showcase your rooms with carousel ads, augment your TV campaign on Facebook with TRP buying or lift conversions… Decide what you want to promote and the outcome you want, segment the audience and set your budget. Drive online sales, increase local sales, promote your app or raise brand awareness.
  • Use your business contact list to find and target the same people on Facebook with cross and up-sell messages. “Custom Audience” lets your business reconnect with people who have already shown an interest in your business. Differentiate people who display different behaviors on your website and reach them with Enhanced Website Custom Audience .
  • Find more people on Facebook who share traits with those who have already engaged with your business with “Lookalike Audience”.

Increase the reach of your content and talk to your guests.

  • Create engaging stories on your timeline. Share info on the destination, brand and property; highlight people stories. Consider your audience, be unique and creative. Boost posts to reach new people targeted with location, age, gender and interests.
  • Listen to your fans. Read & respond comments, reply messages, evaluate guest reviews.
  • Promote your rooms or share your outlet deals with Facebook Offers. Boost your offers so that it will appear higher in the newsfeed and there is a better chance that guests will see it.
  • Either a cooking workshop with the Chef or a Yoga session at the Spa, organize your own events and promote your Facebook event to get more responses.

Retarget people who have visited your website and sustain relationship & conversation.

  • Create personalized ads for people who have already contacted you based on their contact information (phone, e-mail) or data from the web site / app. Use Enhanced Website Custom Audience to bid differently according to the true value of the users, create personalized ads and generate leads across devices.
  •  Create “Dynamic Ads for Travel” from your room inventory and retarget on a cross-device level. Reach people who are inclined to visit your property but not yet booked either by visiting your website, browsing hotels or purchasing flight tickets. Show your ads dynamically with real-time availability and pricing. Save time with a scalable and always-on ad format while maximizing your ROI with product-based retargeting.

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