Digital PR

Digital PR is a mix of online marketing tactics used to optimize and enhance your online presence. We monitor the internet for you, build relationships with the most influential people in your industry, prepare SEO friendly press releases and share them with relevant online publications to bring you visibility and high quality backlinks, and we craft early scenarios for potential crisis. Digital PR increases trust and credibility, conversion rates, ROI and brand equity.

Digital PR includes

  • Online monitoring
  • SEO friendly press release development and distribution
  • Online reputation management
  • Online crisis management
  • Online ranking, rating and review management

Digital PR in detail...

Online monitoring or social listening is the tracking of certain keywords shared on online newspapers, blogs, forums or social media channels during a specific time period. With data and insights, monitoring helps the clients to analyze markets and their brands’ perception over the time.

You can either focus on the generic terms, your brand terms or on your competitors when doing online monitoring. Data reveals the list of platforms your topic is mostly discussed, the seasonal trends (if any), the sentimental analysis, the top hashtags, your brand ambassadors and the top influencers in your industry. You can use these insights to create data-driven, strategic actions and marketing plans.

– Brand Performance

What do people talk about your brand? How do your marketing activities  change your brand perception? Brand performance tracking gives a detailed information on the data shared about your brand, and the sentimental analysis of this data. You can easily analyze the rationality behind the peak and low flows; as well as analyzing the most influential channels for your brand.

– Campaign Performance

Performance tracking enables brands to analyze the effectiveness of any PR actions, marketing campaigns or sales offers on online channels. Our tools acknowledge the impact of platforms and the impact of users who joined your campaign.

– New Product / Service Development

You can investigate what does your audience talking about and what do they need – and create your new product or service as per the demand.

-Trend Analysis

Trend analysis is used to distinguish what are the consumers are talking about on a specific subject over the time, in a specific geographic location. For example we can analyze what do Turkish people living in Germany, Austria and BENELUX region think about buying a property in Turkey…

– Competitor Analysis

Brands can closely follow their competitors and their competitors influencers. This brings a great competitive advantage in brand positioning and value proposition.

– Influencer Identification

Everyday brands get request from tens of influencers… But are they really the right ones for your brand? With online monitoring, brands can distinguish their real brand ambassadors, or people who are highly influential on specific subjects.

– Event Marketing

Specific hashtags or content can be tracked during your event / conference / seminar.

-Crises Prevention

69% of businesses have experienced a crisis in the last five years and 29% don’t  have a crisis management team. Brands are exposed on online media and social platforms. Online monitoring is an early-warning system that gives you the opportunity to recognize any potential issue at the early stage and take an action before it evolves into a PR crises.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the mix of techniques used to increase your brand’s perception in search engine web results, image results, map results, online   rankings, opinion sharing websites and social media marketing platforms. It includes a mix of different techniques including search engine marketing (SEO), content marketing –   search engine friendly texts, search engine optimized photos and videos, active online customer relations and sometimes PR support.

It is no doubt that users spend a lot of time online – especially on mobile,  and review  several sites before buying a product. Consumers check the price, but the researches show us hat price is not the  only metric that influences the conversion. Consumers prefer   to do shopping on credible websites, they check your store’s or brand’s reviews and ranking, they want a smooth user experience, they check and compare the product reviews, they ensure that they will get a “utility” from buying the product as accurate as the depiction… There are several decision factors, and it is important that you have a good image and influence on your consumers… Once they are happy, they will be also your returning clients.

At OH!, we ensure that your brand is represented correctly on online media, and that you have the control of the content published. This service includes regular audits of your  online presence and ensuring that there is no trademark infringement or copyright violation  regarding your brand; ensuring that your business description is correct across platforms including Wikipedia (if available),creating strategies using media and seeding for perception management, creating search engine friendly engagement protocols to increase the number of your positive reviews and turn negative feedback into positive, plotting out the influencers that would match your brand DNA and leverage your brand’s awareness and reputation.

Online reputation management takes times… OH! Recommends at least one year of  working together to start getting effective results.

Effective online crises management starts long before any issue arrises. With creating social media policies, securing accounts, active social media listening and page monitoring and crafting a crisis communications plan that allows for quick action, it is possible to manage possible negative situations and avoid reputation or financial losses.