Campaign Management & Influencer Marketing

Digital projects and campaigns targeting specific niches are commonly used for creating awareness and launching new services, products or product features. Not only they bring instant buzz and impressions, a correctly designed campaign also increases your brand reputation.

At OH!, we design strategic marketing campaign for specific targets. The campaigns include multi-platform actions – creating campaign assets, influencer collaborations, campaign website design, emailing, photo shooting and video production, music development.  we support our clients to build sustainable relationships with the campaign stakeholders, and ensure that campaigns are managed flawlessly.

Campaign Management & Influencer Marketing in detail...

Campaign can be anything from creating awareness campaigns on specific markets, to to announce a new store opening or to launch a new product line… The campaign might be online-only but also can include experience management and specially designed activities.

Campaign Examples we have executed so far…

– Influencer fam-trip and experience management to promote a specific destination

– A photo shooting and hosted event organization with an Instagram influencer for the launch of a new product.

– Collaboration with digital artists & art influencers to create brand assets

– An exclusive influencer weekend in a hotel chain in collaboration with fashion brands

– An influencer event with sport & healthy living influencers for the opening of a new hospital branch. 

Click here to view some of the campaign we shared on our website.

– Who do you want to target in your campaign? Mothers, newly marries couples, sailors…?After the clarification of your target niche, we create you a roadmap, find you the best idea within your budget to reach your KPI’s, chose the platforms and connect with you potential partners for this project.

– We design the “experience marketing” activities.

– We collaborate with brand ambassadors – influencers, semi-celebrities and celebrities – that best matches your brand to promote your campaign and create loyalty.

– We create  brand assets – visuals, photography, videos, art, testimonials using our brand ambassadors. We ensure that we have the copyright of these content for our needed time and our needed platforms.

– We report everything elaborately through and at the end of the project.

– Our global vision

– Expertise in marketing strategy & experience marketing

– Experience in campaign management for world-leading brands

– Influencer database including more than 5000 local and international influencers

– Our good connections with key opinion leaders

– Our skills to create engaging, authentic content – visuals, videography or music

– Transparent project management

Influencer marketing is collaborating with socially popular, reputable or trusted opinion leaders to create awareness on a specific or to deliver a specific marketing message. It is the series of actions to increase the brand’s self expression towards a pre-defined niche, and it enables customers to integrate the brand into their lives as part of their lifestyle and identity they want to reflect.

Brands collaborate with online brand ambassadors to shape their audience’s buying decisions and behaviors. Strong social media users, who match the positioning of the brand create native or inorganic content and support the brand’s marketing strategy. These social media users have a high impact on the masses due to the sincerity, authenticity and uniqueness.

Influencer marketing objectives can be creating awareness, lead generation, online sales, product launch, traffic direction… Through our experience, we recognized that continues projects bring better return than one-shot content. 

– Do a background check – ensure that lifestyle, thoughts and values of the influencer matches with your brand’s values.

– Do a credibility check – Ensure that the influencer is active on social media and / or blog, posting regularly and getting real views, likes and comments.

– Ask for the press kit and metrics – Ensure that your influencer’s audience match with your target audience. 

– Don’t focus on the following / fan numbers, but focus on the impact. Micro influencers may bring better results than macro influencers.

– Check the previously and recent collaborated brands…

– Always ensure to have a legal contract to clarify the copyrights of the created content.

– Good connections with content creators and content distributors

– Influencer database including more than 5000 local and international influencers

– Representation of one of the world’s biggest travel networks

– Unique partnerships with influencer agencies in more than 10+ countries

– Viral marketing & WOMM creating actions

– Professional influencer decision process

– Effective campaign design and management

– Technical reporting