About Us

Creating meaningful connections and stories...

Based in Istanbul / Turkey, OH! was founded in 2017 as a  prototype to disrupt the traditional client – agency relationship.  It’s the first 100% location independent agency in Turkey; bringing together remote teams for tailor-made marketing solutions.

Our Core Values

We are experienced life-time learners with a passion for marketing communications. We know that marketing is a life-style, and cannot be limited to locations and working hours. We always analyze consumer behavior, observe our surrounding, keep up with the latest trends and blend creativity with the cutting-edge technologies. We are dedicated to our job with our unique style and perspective.

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. We have an eye for detail to provide the unsurpassed service and premium value that our business partners deserve. We are in constant motion to improve ourselves and deliver the best results.

We build long-term relationships with our clients and it is important for us that we work with respect, trust, transparency and honesty. We work with clients who adhere to the highest professional standards in their businesses.

We work with clients who are responsible corporate citizens and who care for the society.

OH Medya - Olgu UYSAL
Meet the Founder


Born and raised in Istanbul, Olgu Uysal graduated from Koc School followed by an undergrad degree in Economics at Sabanci University. She completed her postgrad degree in Data-Driven Marketing at NOVA IMS in Portugal. During her studies, she attended a program on Computer Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), where she discovered her passion for technology and online marketing.

Ms Uysal launched her first social media company in Madrid in 2008. Between 2010 and 2017, she worked in various managerial positions in hospitality and health industries. In 2017 she established OH! Medya and in May 2020, she established OH! Sports, the first sports influencer agency of Turkey.

Our Expertise

Travel and Food Marketing

We provide audit & strategy, social media, campaign management, online reputation and influencer marketing solutions for tourism boards, airline companies, travel agencies, hotel chains and restaurants.

Health Communications

Health communication requires know-how and expertise. We help pharma companies, hospitals and medical agents to better express themselves with our brand management and content creation services, as we help them to generate local or international leads.

Leadership Communications & HR Marketing

Effective leadership is enhanced by using online media to reach masses and manage crises. We guide C-levels to become more fluent in online platforms, while guiding the companies to better express themselves to their current and future employees.

Technology and Software Marketing

In the era of high competition, technology or software companies aiming B2C or B2B niches might have challenges to increase their sales funnel. We help companies to design the best strategies to create awareness and get qualified leads.

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